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Could ants be better at keeping social distance than humans?

Nature can give us very good clues in combating the epidemic. For example, nature's primary epidemiologists can teach garden ants on many topics how best to survive an epidemic.

Ants, bees, termites, and wasps are called "fully social" animals.

They are so dependent on each other that they cannot live alone. They build together, live together and collaborate to raise newborns and combat threats. If necessary, they sacrifice themselves for the sake of society.

So how do they overcome pandemics?

Scientists at the University of Bristol studied ant colonies to find out how these super social insects reduce the risk of disease. The answers are really fascinating.

First, these animals have excellent hygiene. When they enter the nest, they clean each other to control threats such as fungal spore. There is no hand sanitizer, but instead they spray formic acid out of their mouths to completely destroy germs.

Second, everyone fulfills their responsibility. If an ant is sick, it knows its responsibility and separates itself from the nest. Or, to a more recent phrase, they isolate themselves.

Unfortunately, for ants, infection is almost always fatal. For ants, isolating themselves is the biggest sacrifice they can make for the colony.

They keep social distance

Finally, if the presence of infection is detected, even the uninfected ants go away from the nest. They spend more time searching for food.

They spend less time in the nest to infect others or prevent them from infecting them. In other words, they use preventive social distance.

The ants that take a break from their sociability because they think of each other offer us good advice to protect ourselves and our environment in the pandemic.


Cold and rainy weather started. Covid-19 also continues to spread rapidly. If you ask many doctors, sooner or later we will meet this virus. What matters is how strong our immunity will be when this happens. An immune system that can protect us against external factors will help us to spend the winter without infection and to wear armor against bends.

Since the rate of spread of Covid-19 is increasing again and the winter months are also at the door, everyone has the same question in mind: How should we eat to avoid the disease?